About Us

Founded by natural health specialist Greg Williams, we are a team of health coaches and functional medicine practitioners who specialise in helping people with autoimmune conditions (such as Psoriasis, Arthritis, Crohn’s, Ulcerative Colitis, and Hashimoto’s) and other chronic health problems to build their health naturally and feel better than have ever felt before.

We are the first and only supplement dedicated to serving those who suffer with autoimmune conditions.  This means we are 100% focused on building ultra high quality products that are very effective at supporting someone's optimal health.

Greg's wife, Donna, has an autoimmune condition known as Ulcerative Colitis (which is a form of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD)). 

Greg, Donna and Sophie Williams

For a long time, both before they met and afterwards, Donna struggled badly with her health. 

She was extremely fatigued, in a lot of pain, and was visiting the toilet (urgently) several times a day.

She was on a lot of strong medication, and doctors had told her that very little else could be done to help.

However, over time, using a range of diet and lifestyle changes, protocols, and supplements, Greg was able to help Donna completely turn her health around.  The frequent bowel movements were under control once again, the pain went away and she had so much more energy.  Even her skin and hair condition improved dramatically.  Over time, she was even able to eliminate her medication (with the agreement from her doctor).

This experience showed Greg that people with chronic health problems typically aren't given all the help they need to feel dramatically better, and live a happy, confident life on their own terms.

One important part of being able to do that is through the use of high quality, effective supplements that help bring the body back to the healthy place it needs to be.  

Unfortunately though, the majority of supplements on the market are very poor quality, contain potentially problematic ingredients for someone with health problems, and can be very ineffective and not what a person truly needs. 

Therefore, Greg decided to produce a range of ultra-high quality supplements, with very pure ingredients, that are extremely effective for someone struggling with their health.  And so the Autoimmune Institute was born.

At the Autoimmune Institute your health matters to us.  We know what it can be like living with a chronic health problem and know you need the very best if you are to turn things around as quickly and effectively as you'd like.  Therefore,  we will never offer you second rate supplements.  We will offer you the products and services that we truly believe can help to build your health, and will not compromise our products in helping to do that. 

What's more, we know this can be a very confusing area, so we promise to always be as helpful as we can, and are always contactable if you need any advice about what we offer. Should you have any questions at any time, then please do not hesitate to get in touch! 

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