Autoimmune Institute Quality Assurance

We knew we had to be different...

When we decided to start offering supplements to our customers, we knew that we had to do things differently to the majority of supplement companies out there.

The problem is that the dietary supplement industry is largely unregulated.  This ultimately means that companies are able to put very cheap, ineffective, poor quality supplements on the shelves and get away with it.  Corners are cut to boost profit margins. Companies look for short term profit, rather than truly caring about the health of the customer.  And quite often the consumer knows no better.

We knew we had to be different for several reasons…

Firstly, it's from a moral stand point.  We just wouldn’t be comfortable selling something that we wouldn’t use ourselves, or that we knew to be ineffective.

Secondly, we know our customers, in particular, deserve and NEED the best.  The majority of our customers suffer with chronic health problems, including serious autoimmune conditions.  Turning your health around when you suffer with things like this is not easy, and putting poor quality, cheap supplements into your body would likely make things WORSE, and certainly wouldn’t help to improve them.

We want you to beat your symptoms.  We want you to turn your health around.  And we know you need QUALITY in order to do that.

We want you to notice the incredible power of our supplements so you feel amazing again, continue to use us, and recommend us to your friends and family.

Does this mean that our supplements are the cheapest on the market?  No.  Absolutely not.  If all you want are a cheap brand of supplements, then we will not be the best option for you.

We offer supplements that are proven to work, that we use ourselves and which we know will help our valued customers.  We recommend them to our family and friends.

Our team of health experts has an input into what goes into our supplements to make sure we offer the best that we can. We use natural ingredients, free from artificial sweeteners, flavourings, colours or preservatives.

Your health matters to us, and we will never offer you second rate supplements.  We will offer you the products and services that we truly believe can help to build your health, and will not compromise on quality in helping to do that.

If you want the best, you can rely on the Autoimmune Institute.  Should you have any questions at any time, then please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Greg Williams - Autoimmune Institute Founder